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Green Roofs


Sunshine Construction services the Washington DC area as a general contractor for residential, commercial and government projects.

We have 15 years of experience performing Home Renovations, Outdoor Restorations, and other specialty services. As our team continues to grow and perfect the knowledge and skill sets acquired from several years of successful work within the field, we strive to tackle a diverse and challenging range of projects. Through our diligence and passion towards the projects we tailor a premium product of superb quality. Each project gets unparalleled personal attention and care. As our experience within the industry grows, we continue to take on increasingly larger projects nearing a quarter of a million dollars. We invest our time and efforts into understanding what you want, and turning that into a reality. Call or contact us to schedule a free 15-minute introduction to your project estimate.

We are also a proud member of the United States Green Building Council and a certified installer of Green Roof. Please contact us for consultation, planning, or completion of your green-living needs.

Raphiel Hampton



Raphiel has over 15 years of experience in construction management and business development in Washington DC area. He has successfully managed all types of projects, but specializes in top quality home renovations. He is also member of Green Roofs for Healthy Cities and US Green Builders Council.

Scott Titanish


Mr. Titanish’s experience involves green roof installations in MD, DC and Virginia from design through installation and maintenance. Certified in 2012 as a Green Roof Professional and Certified by Carlysle in 2014 for roofing installation, he works on ensuring a successful vegetated roof plan by training and certifying workforce. Mr. Titanish provides an in depth look at all aspects of green roofing be it environmental benefits, financial gains, practical applications, maintenance programs or outside product integration.

Dang Nguyen, PE


Mr. Nguyen has diversified infrastructure construction management experience. He has functioned as office engineer, inspector, and schedule reviewer on multiple government construction projects. Mr. Nguyen has been participating closely with the design team leads with the highest budget project of DC, the South Capitol Street project. Wearing all these CM hats, Mr. Nguyen has acquired a deep understanding of how to track project status based on real-time construction activities, maintain and develop a standardized system to incorporate all the project related parties.

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