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International Inspiration
Amager Bakke: Copenhagen’s Marvel of Living Architecture

April 18, 2024

Amager Bakke, Copenhagen's waste-to-energy plant, boasts a distinctive green roof with a functional ski slope, designed by Bjarke Ingels Group and completed in 2019. The living roof of Amager Bakke is a large-scale example of the same design practices used by Sunshine Construction.  Layers of soil substrate up to 60 cm in depth provided the foundation for over 100 plant species which in turn provide habitat for local wildlife, including a family of foxes.  


Functionally, Amager Bakke operates as a waste-to-energy facility, employing advanced incineration technology to convert municipal solid waste into electricity and heat. Through combustion, high-temperature flue gases drive steam turbines to generate electricity, while heat recovery systems capture surplus heat for district heating. Stringent emission controls ensure compliance with environmental standards, emphasizing Amager Bakke's role as a sustainable energy producer and urban landmark.


Amager Bakke is an exemplar of the engineering and aesthetic excellence which Sunshine Construction strives to offer in the Washington DC area.

Watch Architectural Digest's video feature of Amager Bakke here.


Photo Credit: UBM Magazine


Photo Credits:  Raphiel Hampton, Sunshine Construction CEO


Stunning vegetative walls in Madrid (left) and Buenos Aires (right).  These walls provide suitable habitats for wildlife & insects as well as reduce heat island effect.


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CITIES ALIVE  NYC/ September 24-28, 2018 Green Roof Conference



Attended conferences of Hot Trends in Green Roof and Wall Design, Green Roofs, Wind and Fire Standards Overview, Best Practices in Waterproofing, and Stacking Functions on Dynamic Rooftop Farms

Trade Mission - South Africa



In June of 2012, Sunshine Construction participated in the DC sponsored trade mission throughout several cities in South Africa (Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Cape Town).  The mission gave Sunshine an opportunity to meet with multiple companies and local representatives promoting our "Green Roof" product.

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